First Pentecostal Prayer of Faith Church
Come one, come all...and bring a friend or family member!
Join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship!
Free food & drinks (while supplies last).
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Home Bible Study

Join Pastor Arthur C. Naylor and First Lady Barbara Naylor for discipleship classes on Wednesdays @ 7:00PM or Sundays @ 5:00PM in our Hamilton location, 3632 Nottingham Way.

All are welcome!

Building Fund

We at the First Pentecostal Prayer of Faith Church are in all different stages of our journey with God – but we’re all journeying towards the same goal – to be transformed by God’s love, power, and grace. It means living differently, loving differently, and putting our trust in doing things God’s way, instead of our own. It’s normal for us to see people being transformed physically, emotionally, and spiritually as they discover how powerful God is and how much He loves them.