First Pentecostal Prayer of Faith Church

Dr. Arthur C. Naylor, along with his wife, is the founder of the First Pentecostal Prayer of Faith Church established April 24, 1988. The church has evolved into a multicultural congregation in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. The work started in Trenton, New Jersey and flourished into a powerful church with members from various racial and socioeconomic status. 

Dr. Naylor has been a pastor for over twenty-five years and has started four churches in other parts of New Jersey. His years of service have included UPCI New Jersey Metro District Home Missions Director, District Presbyter and District Superintendent. He has preached in Liberia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Israel, and Canada. 

Dr. Naylor holds an Associate of Social Science Degree from Mercer County College, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Christian Leadership from Philadelphia Biblical University, and a Doctor of Divinity from Saint Thomas Christian College. He is also an International chaplain as well as a licensed mediator and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).